Oat Milk PHA Serum For Glowy Skin Healthy Barrier
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Oat Milk PHA Serum For Glowy Skin Healthy Barrier

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Over-exfoliation is the new plague in skincare. While acids do many wonders for the skin, too much too soon can damage the skin barrier and sensitize the skin. In today's world, where brands compete for the highest % of acids, EqualRXN took a more holistic approach and created the Oat Milk PHA Serum. Oat Milk PHA Serum is an acid product that supports the skin barrier. Containing 5% lactobionic acid, an extremely gentle, hydrating (more than glycerin) yet effective polyhydroxy acid, this milky serum hydrates and gently exfoliates to give a more refined, even, and glowy skin complexion. The benefits of lactobionic acid are further enhanced with oat milk and snow mushroom polysaccharide to calm and visually plump the appearance of the skin. It's truly an all-in-one serum.

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