How I pick out what I am going to wear each day

Lia in her favorite T

First of all I start with what underwear am I going to wear. I mean, am I feeling froggy like wearing a thong?  Is it a granny panty morning? Or, am I feeling real special and feeling like a queen and wearing matching bra and panties (which is rare).  

Next question is, what are my bottoms going to be for the day? Jeans, sweats, shorts or am I just going to wear workout clothes all day? These questions for me form up my possibilities for an outfit.  I really do not set out to match clothing, or make sure the color schemes are the same for what I am going to wear for the day.

My go-to outfit is always a graphic t-shirt with jeans and cute, yet comfortable, shoes.  I am very picky about the jeans that I wear but we will address that later. I never realized how much thought process women put into their outfits until I opened the store.  I am wondering is this a self-confidence based process? I have to admit, that the only time I do worry about what I am wearing is when I have to kick it up a notch, meaning like for a fancy dinner or something of that nature.  Or one of my husbands work functions (enter eyeroll). I want to feel good about myself which limits my wardrobe capabilities. See, I don’t like my legs. Like really don’t like them yes, I am thankful for them but I am just not happy with how 45 has presented itself to me as far as my legs go.

Ok onward we march thru the fog….so this is how I discovered Dear John Jeans.  I was at market a few years ago and I walked into their showroom and started talking to one of their reps about the jeans.  Dear John jeans have style and cuts that fit every body type. They even carry skinny jeans, jeans with prints on them, tears and holes strategically placed on them, or just a regular straight leg boot cut jeans.  My favorite Dear John Jean is the Joyrich. I have a hard to fit body type because I have a ginormous butt and thick thighs with a very small waist. So finding jeans that fit has been a difficult thing in my life.  But those Dear John Joyrich jeans….man oh man, I have found the love of my life in jeans.

Dear John Size Chart

My favorite graphic tee is a toss-up between a Bandit Brand t-shirt or a Midnight Rider t-shirt.  Now these tees are a little more pricey, but that is due mainly to the images on the front that have to be purchased.  They come with Waylon Jennings, John Denver, Doug Sahm or some other awesome vintage images. Both brands are very soft tees that wash and wear very well.  

Ok, shoes.  Shoes, shoes, shoes.  I have to say that I am no Kardashian or any other supermodel type who wears gorgeous shoes but pays no mind to comfort or foot pain….cause let me tell ya, I care about comfort.  I am usually a Converse, flip flop, Ugg boot wearing woman depending on the weather. But I did discover a shoe line that is fashionable yet comfortable. Volatile shoes are the  They have so many different styles but they are all so comfortable. I LOVE THEM! Volatile shoes feel like you are walking on a spongy cloud (doesn’t that sound nice).

So this is what I would love for you take away from my first blog.  I do care immensely about what I buy at market to carry in my store.  I do believe in comfort and long term use of the clothes that you buy form me.  I care about what my customers think and their happiness with what they buy from me.

I hope that you appreciate my honesty because there is more where that came from!

Love and Light,