About Millie & Marie

 Barry, Lia and Yvonne Buchanan 

In 2010, I decided that I wanted to have a garage sale, but the only problem with that is that I live in the country. I was pretty sure that I wouldn't have very many people who would come down my country road to a garage sale. So, the idea came to me that I could rent a small booth at an antique mall and put the things I was looking to sell in my garage sale in there and see how it went. I even asked a friend to come and join me with the things she was looking to sell as well.
The owner of the antique mall suggested that we name the booth that we now shared, and the name Thelma & Louize came to me as I always loved that movie. So that’s how I got the name...not much time or thought was put into it, just a quick decision. In two weeks, I sold all of my items and I started going to garage sales and estate sales and buying things that I thought people wouldn't be able to live without; all the while buying for my mother who also had a love for antiques and all things fancy.
My mother owned two antique stores when I was a child, so the love for all things made of old wood and things with a bit of rust came from her. I enjoyed calling and telling her what all I had found, what sales I had been to in San Antonio, and living my dream along with her. My dad was also a great business adviser. He started his own business when I was six months old, and it ran strong for 41 years. I leaned on him so much when I first started and he would always give me his signature advice: “thy will be done, Lia.”
So I just kept praying, and the customers kept coming to my little spot in the antique mall. After a year or so, I found out about Round Top from a friend at the antique mall. I found a booth to rent there in the spring and split it with a couple of friends and I sold there for two years, enjoying every minute of it. I met so many great customers and I enjoyed getting to know people from around the United States that came to that 12 mile long garage sale twice a year.
In December of 2013, I was driving down Main Street in Bandera and noticed a "for rent" sign in a window of a new building. I noticed that the area code for the contact number shared the same one as my home town of Clute, Texas. I saw it as a sign. I called and then drove out to my parents' house and told them that I had rented my own building and was going to open my own store.
They were very happy for me and I moved in right after the first of the year. A year after moving into this rental spot, I bought my own building. I relocated right down Main street, to a building which I still call home. It was such a wonderful moment when my dad came in and said: “Wow girl, look what you did!” And I was able to say, “Yep daddy, all with yall’s love and prayers.”
My mother passed away before ever getting to come inside the new building. I’m not sure that I will get over that one, but I’m working on it every day. The day that my dad was able to come and see me in the new store was a true blessing for me. I know they see me and continue to pray for me and my dream every single day. I sure do miss them.

Through the years, I have often thought about changing the name of the business. I love the idea of Thelma & Louize, but I wanted something that better reflected my roots. I believe in following your gut instincts, and this past year I was asked several times if I had ever been sued for the name. I was even told by an attorney out of California that he has represented people for much smaller things than the name of their business against copyright issues.


The Real Millie & Marie  

So this is how I knew it was time to make a change and get this business moving with a name that more accurately represents me. So here they are: my grandmothers, Millie and Marie. Millie was my dad’s mother, and she was a Scotch drinking, cigarette smoking, sassy dressing, red lipstick wearing ball of fire. She never minced words and had a mouth like a sailor.


Marie was my mom's mother, and she was a bible thumping, quilt making, making you think that if you were seated, you were lazy, kind and loving woman. So, this is it...this is me! Lia Faye Buchanan Cloudt, Wife of Eric, Mother of Carma, Benton, and West, Dog Mom of Fergie, Owner of Thelma & Louize and soon to be Millie & Marie.


This is truly a dream for me: doing what I love each day. It is fantastic. I hope and pray that I am continually blessed in business and that people keep liking the stuff I buy. Thank you for being fantastic customers.


Love and light,

Lia Buchanan Cloudt


  Lia Faye Buchanan-Cloudt